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North Vancouver City, located just north of the city of Vancouver, is a small municipality in Metro Vancouver. It is one third of the region of Metro Vancouver known as North Shore (the other two being the district of the same name and West Vancouver). Its 48,000 residents are served by the RCMP, the North Vancouver City Fire Department, and the British Columbia Ambulance Service, aka EHS, provides paramedic services.


Law enforcement in both the city and the neighbouring district is provided by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) through the municipal detachment The North Vancouver RCMP communicate on the ECOMM Wide Area Radio System, a M/A COM EDACS system with a 9600 baud control channel. The communications are ProVoice digital and at present, cannot be monitored on any scanner. The operations can best be received on the Vancouver and occasionally Mt. Seymour WARS sites.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups currently in use by the North Vancouver RCMP include, but are not limited to the following:

448 03-080 North Vancouver RCMP Broadcasts
449 03-081 North Vancouver RCMP Dispatch
451 03-083 North Vancouver RCMP Info
452 03-084 North Vancouver RCMP Tac 1
453 03-085 North Vancouver RCMP
454 03-086 North Vancouver RCMP

Like all police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver, North Vancouver RCMP has access to a set of police mutual aid channels that allow interoperability when working in other municipalities, or to allow communication with other emergency services such as Fire and Ambulance.


North Vancouver RCMP are dispatched out of the dispatch centre at their headquarters located on 147 E 14th St. in North Vancouver. The centre's typical staffing consists of two dispatchers (one monitoring primary dispatch and one info specialist), and ? dedicated call takers. This facility dispatches for both the city and the district.


Talk Groups

1177 09-031 North Vancouver Dispatch
1178 09-032 North Vancouver Fire Tac 2
1179 09-033 North Vancouver Fire Tac 3
1180 09-034 North Vancouver Training
1181 09-035 North Vancouver Fire Tac 4
60   00-074 North Vancouver Combined Events Tac 7 (CE)


165 E 13th St. North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


North Vancouver City fire department is dispatched out of Surrey Fire Hall #1 located at 8767 132nd St. in Surrey. Thirty fire departments are dispatched out of this centre including Surrey itself.


BCAS provides paramedic services to the city and district of North Vancouver. There is only one ambulance station serving the city of North Vancouver, but there are multiple stations in Vancouver that can cover the city if need be. BCAS in North Vancouver is dispatched on Channel 1. The communications are ProVoice digital and not monitorable on commercially available scanners at the time of this writing.

Talk Groups

1800 14-010 BCAS Area 1 Broadcasts
1801 14-011 BCAS Area 1 Dispatch
1804 14-012 BCAS Area 1 Tac 1
1805 14-013 BCAS Area 1 Tac 2
1806 14-014 BCAS Area 1 Tac 3
1825 14-041 BCAS Hospital Transfers (ambulances in all of Metro Vancouver)

Station 256

Located at 1304 St. Andrews Street, Station 256 features one 24-hour ALS unit (256A1), 2 24-hour BLS units (256A2, 256A3), one 11 hour day/7 day week BLS unit (256B1), and one Multiple Casualty INcident (MCI) unit.

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