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Richmond is known for its Asian culture and is one of the more civilized areas of Metro Vancouver. Richmond lies just south of Vancouver and north of Delta, BC. It has ranked 25th on the list of populated municipalities in Canada. Richmond is a middle sized city with a fire department with seven halls, an RCMP detachment for law enforcement/police patrol services, and utilizes the British Columbia Ambulance Service aka EHS for pramedic services.


Richmond operates a municipal RCMP detachment where law enforcement is provided to Richmond's population. The Richmond RCMP's primary communication system of choice is the ECOMM Wide Area Radio System, a MA/COM EDACS system with analog control channels and digitally modulated voice channels. All communications are ProVoice digital and not currently monitorable by any commercially available scanner. The operations can be received best on the Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and South Surrey (Whiterock) WARS sites.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups that the Richmond RCMP operate on include but are not limited to the following:

377 02-151 Richmond RCMP Info (used by all ECOMM dispatched RCMP detachments)
400 03-020 Richmond RCMP Broadcasts
401 03-021 Richmond RCMP Dispatch
402 03-022 Richmond RCMP
404 03-024 Richmond RCMP Tac 1
405 03-025 Richmond RCMP Tac 2
406 03-026 Richmond RCMP Tac 3

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a set of police mutual aid channels allowing them interoperability while working in other jurisdictions or with other agencies such as Fire and Ambulance.


Richmond RCMP are dispatched out of ECOMM on 3301 E Pender Avenue in Vancouver. ECOMM currently dispatches for eight police departments/RCMP detachments and eleven fire departments in Metro Vancouver, The Sunshine Coast, and Squamish-Whistler. It should be noted that Richmond RCMP dispatch also dispatches University of BC RCMP and operates the same talkgroups listed above.


The Richmond Fire-Rescue department is responsible for providing fire protection services to the city. Seven halls are located across the city of Richmond.

Talk Groups

1475 11-083 Richmond Fire Dispatch
1490 11-102 Richmond Fire All Halls Broadcasts
1442 11-042 Richmond Fire Tac 2
1457 11-061 Richmond Fire Tac 3
1458 11-062 Richmond Fire Tac 4
1462 11-066 Richmond Fire Tac 5
62 00-076 Richmond Fire Tac 6 (CE)
1467 11-073 Richmond Fire Tac 7
1468 11-074 Richmond Fire Tac 8
1089 08-081 Richmond Fire Training 1
1090 08-082 Richmond Fire Training 2
1091 08-083 Richmond Fire Training 3


1. 6960 Gilbert Road
2. 11011 #2 Road
3. 9100 Bridgeport Road
4. 780 Lancaster Crescent
5. 23031 Westminster Highway
6. 9400 #6 Road
7. 5731 #4 Road

As only two of the seven halls have multiple pieces of apparatus, Richmond Fire crews are able to temporarily "move in" to other halls in times when many calls are coming in.


Like its RCMP detachment, Richmond Fire Rescue is also dispatched out of ECOMM.


In Richmond, BCAS operates on Channel 2, the south regions of Metro Vancouver, on the ECOMM WARS system. The communications are ProVoice digital and currently can't be monitored with commercially available scanners.

Talk Groups

1808 14-020 BCAS Area 2 Broadcasts
1809 14-021 BCAS Area 2 Dispatch
1812 14-024 BCAS Area 2 Tac 1
1813 14-025 BCAS Area 2 Tac 2
1814 14-026 BCAS Area 2 Tac 3
1825 14-041 BCAS Hospital Transfers (used by all Metro Vancouver ambulances)


Station 250

Located at 3780 Sexsmith Road near Vancouver International Airport, Station 250's equipment consists of one 12-hour BLS unit (250A), one 11-hour dayshift/7-day unit (250B), and one 11 hour/ 7 Day evening car (250C). Because of station 250's close proximity to Vancouver and the airport, it may be used to cover the far south end of Vancouver and the airport when required.

Station 269

Located on 3999 Williams Road, near the south end of the city, Station 269's equipment consists of two 12-hour cars, one of which is ALS and the other BLS. City Hall, and Richmond Hospital are all in close proximity to this station.

Station 270

This station is found at a terminal of Vancouver Int'l Airport. It contains one car (270B) 11 hour/7 day dayshift unit. One of BCAS's air ambulances can also be found here.


Located at the corner of No 5 Road and Westminster Highway, Richmond Hospital is the sole hospital located in Richmond. This 175-bed facility was founded in 1966, and is managed under the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority.

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