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West Vancouver, British Columbia

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Located just northwest of Vancouver near the Howe Sound, the district of West Vancouver is a beautiful area with condos and nice houses. West Vancouver is part of the region of Metro Vancouver called North Shore (the other two parts are the City, and District of North Vancouver. All emergency services in West Vancouver are city-operated including the police department.


The West Vancouver Police Department, as of 2007, uses the ECOMM Wide Area Radio System as their primary communication system of choice. The communications are ProVoice Digital and currently, no scanner on the market can monitor such transimissions. The best site to use for receiving these communications is the Vancouver WARS site.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups used by the West Vancouver Police Department include, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following:

665 05-031 WVPD Dispatch
666 05-032 WVPD
667 05-033 WVPD
668 05-034 WVPD
669 05-035 WVPD

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a set of police mutual aid channels that allow them interoperability while working in other municipalities or to communicate with other emergency services such as Fire and Ambulance.


In early October, West Vancouver Police moved their dispatch centre from their headquarters located on Marine Drive in West Vancouver, to ECOMM on Pender Street in Vancouver. ECOMM is responsible for managing the Wide Area Radio System which emergency services use in the GVRD, as well as dispatch services for 10 Lower Mainland police departments/RCMP detachments, and 28 Lower Mainland fire departments in Metro Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast, and the Squamish-Whistler area.


The West Vancouver Fire and Rescue Service (WVFRS) is the fire protection service provider in West Vancouver. They currently operate out of 4 halls, each of which is strategically located to serve each area of the city.


Firehall#1 - 760 16th Street
Firehall#2 - 6272 Marine Drive
Firehall#3 - 4895 Marine Drive
Firehall#4 - 965 Cross Creek Road

Talk Groups

In late September, WVFRS cut over to the ECOMM Wide Area Radio System as their VHF radio system was approaching the end of its useful life. Bowen Island and Lions Bay have both remained on VHF.

1177 09-031 North Shore Fire Dispatch
1178 09-032 North Shore Fire Tac 2
1179 09-033 North Shore Fire Tac 3
1180 09-034 North Shore Fire Tac 9 (Hazmat Techs)
1181 09-035 North Shore Fire Tac 4 (Training?)
1182 09-036 North Shore Fire Tac 7
60 00-074 North Shore Combined Events
57 00-071 North Shore Fire Unified Command


WVFRS is dispatched out of Surrey Firehall #1 8767 132nd St. in Surrey BC. This dispatch centre covers thirty fire departments including Surrey itself.


The British Columbia Ambulance Service provides paramedic services to the residents and businesses of West Vancouver. They only have one station, but get coverage from North Vancouver and Vancouver when required. BCAS also utilizes Air Ambulances when neccessary if a patient is severely injured. BCAS for West Vancouver is dispatched on Channel 1, which is now part of the E-Comm WARS system. These communications are in ProVoice digital and cannot be monitored with any current commercially available scanner technology.

Talk Groups

1800 14-010 BCAS Area 1 Broadcasts
1801 14-011 BCAS Area 1 Dispatch
1804 14-014 BCAS Area 1 Tac 1
1805 14-015 BCAS Area 1 Tac 2
1806 14-016 BCAS Area 1 Tac 3
1825 14-041 BCAS Hospital Transfers (used throughout all of Metro  Vancouver)

Station 255

Station 255 is located on Fulton Road in West Vancouver and only has one 24-hour BLS unit (255A).

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