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The Municipality of Bowen Island is located due west of West Vancouver in Howe Sound. Bowen Island has a full-time resident population of 3,551 as of 2007 which can grow by up to 1,500 in the summer. Fire protection is handled by the Bowen Island Fire Department, police protection through the RCMP and ambulance service from the BC Ambulance Service.


Bowen Island (PRIME code: BI) has its own dedicated RCMP detachment. Dispatch services are handled by ECOMM in Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast RCMP frequency 139.440 C123.0 L2 repeater. Bowen Island RCMP


Bowen Island Fire Department (BIFD) is staffed solely by volunteer fire fighters who respond from home when their pagers are activated. The BIFD fleet consists of 2 standard engines, a 4x4 brush engine and a 4x4 rescue truck as seen below. The BIFD fire hall is located at 788 Grafton Rd. Dispatch services for the BIFD are provided by the Surrey Fire Dispatch Centre located at Surrey Fire Service hall 1 at 8767 132nd St. BIFD shares a dispatch channel with 3 other cities: Lions Bay, District of West Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver. There are three repeaters that provide radio coverage to these cities on three separate frequencies that are permenantly patched together. BIFD can be heard on all of the below frequencies but is best covered by the Bowen Repeater on the island.

169.230 C82.5 - North Repeater
159.390 C82.5 - West Repeater
154.800 C82.5 - Bowen Reapeater

Bowen Island Engine 3-0 Bowen Island Rescue 3-1 Bowen Island Fire Hall Bowen Island Fire Rescue Logo


The British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) operates out of 1 station, Station 225, on the island. Station 225 contains 1 car, 225K, staffed by paid-on-call (POC) paramedics who respond to the station from home when their pagers are activated. Station 225 is dispatched on Channel 5 VHF frequency from BCAS's Region 2 dispatch centre in Vancouver. Channel 5 encompasses all areas in BCAS Region 2 which are not using the ECOMM WARS; all areas outside of Metro Vancouver. There are numerous different repeater locations.


149.4400 - Simplex 3 -      Abbotsford -          123.0
149.6800 - Repeater I -     Chilliwack -          114.8
142.3950 - Repeater 5 -     Boston Bar -          123.0
142.2450 - Interconnect 3 - Boston Bar
149.2600 - Repeater K -     Hope -                100.0
142.1550 - Repeater 2 -     Hope/Sunshine Coast - 123.0

BCAS also uses these special operation channels throughout all of its regions which are dispatched on VHF frequencies.

158.7600 - Provincial Air Ambulance Operations - 123.0
149.4950 - Helicopter Air-to-Ground
149.5900 - Mass Casualty Incident - 123.0
155.4600 - FIRECOM 1
155.8900 - FIRECOM 2
149.5900 - HOSPITAL 1 - 103.5
149.5900 - HOSPITAL 2 - 107.2
149.5900 - HOSPITAL 3 - 123.0
149.5900 - HOSPITAL 4 - 127.3
149.5900 - HOSPITAL 5

Patients are transported off the island by a variety of modes of transportation depending on the severity of their injury or medical condition. Minor or routine calls generally see the patient escorted by paramedics on a passenger only water taxi operated by the Bowen Island Fire Chief from the government dock in Snug Cove to the government dock in Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver where the patient care is transferred to a car stationed on the mainland that will transport to hospital. More serious injuries may see the Bowen Island car 225K board a BC Ferry that provides pay ferry services the island from Snug Cove to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal where patient care would again be transferred to a mainland car allowing 225K to return to the island. For injuries or incidents of highest severity a BCAS Air Ambulance may be dispatched to land on the island and transfer the patient to the nearest trauma centre; generally Vancouver General Hospital (VGH). This may also occur if there is more than one concurrent emergency medical call on the island.

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