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Burnaby is the 3rd largest city in British Columbia surpassed only by Vancouver and Surrey. As of 2006, 202,799 people called Burnaby home. Burnaby utilizes the RCMP for its policing, a fully career fire department, Burnaby Fire Department for fire and rescue services and the British Columbia Ambulance Service for medical services to its citizens.


Burnaby operates its own municipal RCMP detachment and Operational Control Centre (OCC). The Burnaby RCMP has cut over, in 2017, to the brand new NGRP. Despite the fact that this is a P-25 Phase 2 Network, their operations are encrypted and cannot be monitored with any commercially available scanner. Their operations can normally be received on the Burnaby, Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, Surrey and Richmond WARS sites.

Talk Groups

The talk groups the Burnaby RCMP operate on include, but are not limited to:

5417 Burnaby RCMP Dispatch North
5418 Burnaby RCMP Dispatch South

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a large number of police mutual aid channels enabling interoperability while working in other jurisdictions or with other agencies such as Fire and Ambulance.


The City of Burnaby had their own OCC for many years which dispatched solely for the Burnaby RCMP out of their main detachment office at 6355 Deer Lake Ave Burnaby, BC. However, in February, 2013, Burnaby RCMP announced a plan to disband this OCC and start contracting with E-Comm for dispatch services. In October 2013, Burnaby RCMP disbanded their OCC and seamlessly moved their dispatchers to Ecomm located on Pender St. in Vancouver. Today, E-Comm is responsible for maintaining the Wide Area Radio System used by many Greater Vancouver emergency officials as well as providing dispatching services to 36 Lower Mainland police and fire departments.


The Burnaby Fire Department (BFD) operates a fully career staff out of 7 stations across the city. It operates a compliment of 7 in services engines, 4 ladder trucks, 1 rescue, 1 equipment truck, 1 HAZMAT vehicle and 1 command unit, used by the on-duty Battalion Chief. BFD also shares use of one of 5 Port of Vancouver owned Fire Boats with Port Moody Fire Rescue Services which is docked along the Burrard Inlet at the Petro-Canada Refinery.


Firehall 1

4867 Sperling Ave

Engine 1, Rescue 1, Equipment 1 (Air & Light unit), Command 1, Safety Officer 1, Emergency 1

Firehall 1

Firehall 2

7578 Edmonds St

Engine 2, Ladder 2, Investigator 1

Firehall 2

Firehall 3

6511 Marlborough Ave

Engine 31, Engine 32, Ladder 3

Firehall 3

Firehall 4

2326 Duthie Ave

Engine 4

Firehall 4

Firehall 5

4211 Hastings St

Engine 5, Ladder 5, Hazmat 1

Firehall 5

Firehall 6

3620 Brighton Ave

Engine 6, Ladder 6, Technical Rescue Van

Firehall 6

Firehall 7

3151 Gilmore Diversion

Engine 7

Firehall 7 Photo by: BCFIRETRUCKS.ca


The BFD operates its own dispatch centre out of Firehall 1 at 4867 Sperling Ave Burnaby, BC. The dispatch centre is manned by uniformed BFD personnel, 1 Lieutenant and 1 firefighter. The BFD utilizes Integraph Corporation software for its Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Sunpro for its Records Management System (RMS).


154.4000 - CTCSS 136.5 - Dispatch
407.4375 -             - Tactical 1
408.9875 - CTCSS 203.5 - Tactical 2


On the BFD's dispatch channel, fire crews are alerted using a 2 tone sound to open the firehall's speaker system. On select Uniden scanners you can utilize the following data to program the Fire Tone-Out option to have your scanner operate like the speakers in the firehall would.

Firehall 1 - 1138.0 - 802.0
Firehall 2 - 1110.0 - 1169.0
Firehall 3 - 1138.0 - 1204.0
Firehall 4 - 1110.0 - 680.0
Firehall 5 - 1110.0 - 719.0
Firehall 6 - 1110.0 - 759.0
Firehall 7 - 1122.5 -- 810.2


The British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) operates only 1 station directly within the city limits of Burnaby. However, Vancouver and New Westminster have multiple stations which serve to cover Burnaby as well as their respective cities. This BCAS station is dispatched on channel 1 which is located on the ECOMM NGRP. BCAS transmission on this system are encrypted and not monitorable by any commercially available scanner.

Talk Groups

Station 258

Located at 925 Douglas Rd Burnaby, BC on the border with Vancouver, station 258 is home to 5 BCAS cars, 3 of which are Basic Life Support (BLS), 258A, 258B, 258C, and 2 which are designated transfer only cars, 258J and 258L.

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