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Canada Line logo



412.8625 Channel 1 Track Operations
413.0625 Channel 2 Operations & Mechanical Centre
413.4125 On Board Intercom OMC -> Train
418.4125 On Board Intercom Train -> OMC
413.7625 SCADA
413.7875 SCADA


Canada Line route map

Station Location
WF Waterfront Station
VS Vancouver Centre Station
YT Yale Town Station
OV Olympic Village
BC Broadway - City Hall Station
KE King Edward Station
OK Oakridge - 41st Ave Station
LG Langara - 49th Ave Station
MD Marine Drive Station
BR Bridgeport Station <-> TM Templeton Station <-> SI Sea Island Centre Station <-> AP Vancouver International Airport Station
AB Aberdeen Station
LD Lansdowne Station
RB Richmond - Brighouse Station

Radio Terminology

Direction = 1 direction is towards WF, 0 direction is towards RB/AP
EB = Emergency Brakes
EER Room = Electrical Equipment Room
FCP = Firefighter's Command Post
GIDS = Guideway Intrusion Detection System (lasers monitoring intrusion onto guideway from station platforms)
IB = Inbound, towards Waterfront
OMC = Operations & Maintenance Centre
OB = Outbound, towards Richmond/Airport
PESB = Platform Emergency Stop Button
PIDS = Passenger Information Display System
PTE = Permission To Enter
Rosetta Stone = Book that tech's use to troubleshoot
Track Section = Unique number for a section of track
TP, TAPS, GVTAPS = Transit Police
TVM = Ticket Vending Machine
TVS = Tunnel Ventilation System
VCIF = Vehicle Cleaning and Inspection Facility
VOBC = Vehicle On Board Computer
Wash Track = Trains routed through here to be washed externally
WIDS = Walkway Intrusion Detection System (sensors on platform end-gates leading to side walkways)


CLA = Canada Line Attendant
Comms = Communications operator
Control (Mainline) = The main operator
DMC = ?
Electronic Tech
Guideway Tech
Op Sup = Operations Supervisor
SA = Station Attendant
Vehicle Tech

All staff have IDs: ABC01 where ABC are the first 3 letters of the last name, and number starts with 01, depending on how many staff have the same first 3 letters of their last name.

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