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The Corporation of Delta Crest



The Corporation of Delta is situated, ironically, at the mouth of the Fraser River, and is the largest, in land mass, municipality in Metro Vancouver. As of 2005, Delta's population was approximately 102,655. The Corporation of Delta maintains its own police force, the Delta Police Department, as well as the Delta Fire & Emergency Services. The British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) provides emergency health services.


The Delta Police Department (DPD) has cut over to the NGRP. Even though this is a P25 Phase 2 network, their transmissions are encrypted and can no longer be received with commercially available scanners. Their operations can normally be received on the Richmond, Surrey and South Surrey WARS sites. The DPD are currently undergoing a transformation to a new livery on their patrol vehicles.

Talk Groups

The talk groups the DPD operate on include, but are not limited to:

5689 DE Police Dispatch

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a large number of police mutual aid channels enabling interoperability while working in other jurisdictions or with other agencies such as Fire and Ambulance.


The DPD are now dispatched out of E-Comm in Vancouver. E-Comm staff maintain the radio network, as well as provide dispatch services for 36 law enforcement and fire agencies across the Lower Mainland.


Delta Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) is a composite department, made up of 6 career staffed halls and 1 fully volunteer hall. Hall 4, located in the farm land area of Mathew's Exchange, is completely staffed by volunteers whom live in the area. Halls 3, 5, 1 and 2 hold extra apparatus that can be staffed by off-duty call out crews during large scale incidents in the city. DFES only has 2 halls with more than one piece of staffed apparatus, therefore they have policies regarding coverage. For all emergency calls in a district where the hall only has 1 piece of apparatus, another bordering engine will move up and stage on the border of those two halls.


Firehall 1 (Ladner)

4645 Harvest Drive, Delta, BC V4K 4J5 Engine 1, Tower 1, Utility 1, Battalion 1, Engine 11 Firehall 1

Firehall 2 (Tsawwassen)

5416 12th Ave, Delta, BC V4M 4J5 Engine 2, Engine 21 Firehall 2

Firehall 3 (North Delta)

11375 84th Ave, Delta, BC V4C 2L9 Engine 3, Quint 3, Engine 31, Tech Rescue 3 Firehall 3

Firehall 4 (East Delta)

9341 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC V4K 3N3 Engine 4, Tanker 4 Firehall 4

Firehall 5 (Sunshine Hills)

11720 64th Ave, Delta, BC V4E 1C8 Engine 5, Engine 51 Firehall 5

Firehall 6 (Annacis Island)

1429 Lindsay Place, Delta, BC V3M 6V1 Quint 6 Firehall 6

Firehall 7 (Tilbury)

7430 Vantage Way, Delta, BC V4G 1H1 Engine 7, Hazmat/Foam 7 Firehall 7


DFES contracts its dispatching services out to ECOMM, located at 3301 E Pender St, Vancouver BC. ECOMM manages the WARS and dispatches for 36 agencies in southwest BC.

Talk Groups

1492 11-104 DFD All Hall Broadcast
1479 11-087 DFD Dispatch
1446 11-046 DFD Tactical 2
1081 08-071 DFD Tactical 3
1082 08-072 DFD Tactical 4
1083 08-073 DFD Tactical 5
0069 00-085 DFD Tactical 6 Combined Events
1073 08-061 DFD Tactical 7
0708 05-084 DFD Tactical 8 Boundary Bay Airport Patch
1074 08-062 DFD Training
1075 08-063 DFD Training


The BCAS operates 2 stations that fall within the Corporation of Delta. These BCAS stations are dispatched on Channel 2 which is located on the E-Comm Next Generation Radio Project (NGRP). These operations are encrypted and cannot be received by any scanner in any way.

Talk Groups

Station 266

Station 266 Station 266 is located on the border of Surrey at 7893 Scott Rd, Delta BC. It contains 2 Basic Life Support (BLS) cars, 266A1 and 266A2.

Station 251

Station 251 is located near Delta Hospital, city hall, the DPD main office and DFES firehall 1 at 4641 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta BC. This station runs 2 BLS cars, 1 24/7 car, 251A, and 1 11 hour day shift/7 days a week car, 251B. There are also 2 transfer only cars here, 251O and 251R.

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