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Esquimalt is a municipality located in Greater Victoria. Population of 18,204 with an area of 7 sq/km. It is bordered by Victoria City, Saanich and View Royal. All of Esquimalts emergency service use the CREST System


Police services in Esquimalt are provided by the Victoria Police Department- West Division.

CREST Talkgroups

17136 Victoria Police Department Ch. 1 (Dispatch)
17168 Victoria Police Department Ch. 2 (Dispatch)
17264 Victoria Police Department Ch. 3 (Traffic)
17232 Victoria Police Department Ch. 4 (Detectives)
17072 Victoria Police Department Ch. 5 (Administration)
17200 Victoria Police Department Ch. 6 (Emergency Alerts)


Esquimalt Fire Department is dispatched by Saanich Fire Department on the same channel, using different tones.

CREST Talkgroups

42128 SFD-DP1 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Ch. 1
35216 SFD-COM-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Command Ch. 2
35312 SFD-TAC-4 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 4
35536 SFD-TAC-6 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 6
784 SFD-TAC-7 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 7
35440 SFD-TRN Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 1
42160 SFD-TRN-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 2


BC Ambulance Service provides emergency health services to Esquimalt.

CREST Talkgroups

44496 BCAS-VIC BC Ambulance Dispatch- Victoria
44624 BCAS-VIC-TAC BC Ambulance Tactical- Victoria
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