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The Columbia Valley (CV) RCMP covers the Columbia Valley east to ?, ?, north to the Spillimacheen on Highway 95 and north to the Alberta border on Highway 93.


139.5600 - RCMP F - Radium Area
139.5300 - RCMP G3 - White Swan


Invermere Fire Rescue (IFR) provides first responder and vehicle extrication for the area.




149.6800 - Invermere Interconnect ICTACT1 
149.6800 - Invermere Wilmer Mt. Repeater RPTR A 

BCAS also uses these special operation channels throughout all of its regions which are dispatched on VHF frequencies.

158.7600 - Provincial Air Ambulance Operations - 123.0
149.4950 - Helicopter Air-to-Ground
149.5900 - Mass Casualty Incident - 123.0
155.4600 - FIRECOM 1
155.8900 - FIRECOM 2

Pager Tones

1395.0 / 1321.2 at 1 second / 3 seconds - 411K1


The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) provides airevac air ambulance helicopter services to the East Kootenay region of the province. STARS is billed to the Province of BC for each flight. Certain BCAS MPDS criteria may lead to an autolaunch of STARS. BCAS paramedics may also request STARS be launched once on scene based on certain injuries. When a BCAS crew activates STARS it may be directed to the scene or to intercept at the hospital. STARS may also respond to the hospital based on a doctor's request. STARS flying time to Cranbrook from their Calgary Airport base is 56 minutes


422.55 - STARS Tac (On Scene Communications)


C - Aviation Crew
P - Flight Paramedic
N - Flight Nurse

Forest Service

Information on the Forest Service can be found through the following wiki pages

South East Fire Centre
British Columbia Forest Service
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