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Jaffray is served by a regional RCMP service, Elk Valley RCMP; PRIME code 'EV' as well as the Cranbrook RCMP; PRIME code 'CN'.


139.4100 - RCMP B


The Elk Valley and Cranbrook RCMP are dispatched from the Kelowna Operational Communications Centre (OCC).


The Jaffray Volunteer Fire Department (JVFD) is a volunteer department operating out of 1 station, located at 1850 Elkink Rd. The JVFD provides Level 2 First Responder for BCAS and has rescue and MVA rescue capabilities. The JVFD fire protection and first responder response area extends from 9.7 km south of Jaffray Baynes Lake Rd, to 500 m west of Rosicky Rd on Highway 3, to 1 km east of Galloway Mill Subdivision Rd on Highway 3 to Galloway Bull River Logging Rd south of the mining camp. THE JVFD provides MVA services to an extended resonse area which extends east on Highway 3 to Elko, west on Highway 3 to the west side of Steamboat Hill, all of Jaffray Baynes Lake Rd south of highway 93, Kikomun Rd Highway 3 to Koocanusa Lake and the Bull River Fort Steele Rd to the Bull River Bridge.


The fire department is dispatched by the Cranbrook fire department. JVFD has dispatchers who respond to the fire hall upon an incident for local dispatch control


150.8600 100.0 PL - Dispatch


The British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) provides service to the Jaffray area from the Cranbrook and Fernie Stations. Cranbrook (Station 403) responds to incidents west of Rosen Lake road and Fernie (Station 406) responds to incidents from Rosen Lake road east.


149.6800 - Fernie Interconnect ICTACT1
142.1550 - Cranbrook Mt. Baker Base Station RPTR 2 - 123.0
142.1550 - Cranbrook Interconnect IC 2 

BCAS also uses these special operation channels throughout all of its regions which are dispatched on VHF frequencies.

158.7600 - Provincial Air Ambulance Operations - 123.0
149.4950 - Helicopter Air-to-Ground
149.5900 - Mass Casualty Incident - 123.0
155.4600 - FIRECOM 1
155.8900 - FIRECOM 2
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