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Langley City is located just east of Surrey. It is bordered to the east by its larger counterpart-the township of Langley. The Langley detachment of the R.C.M.P. is responsible for law enforcement to both the city and the township, there is a city fire department, and the British Columbia Ambulance Service(BCAS) provides medical services.


Langley currently contracts with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). Like most public safety officials in Metro Vancouver, Langley RCMP use the E-Comm Wide Area Radio System for communication. All traffic is ProVoice and not monitorable on scanners available to the public. Operations for Langley RCMP may be received best on the Langley, Surrey, South Surrey (Whiterock), and occassionally Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge WARS sites.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups the Langley RCMP currently use include but ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following:

496 03-140 Langley RCMP Broadcasts
497 03-141 Langley RCMP Dispatch
498 03-142 Langley RCMP Information
499 03-143 Langley RCMP Tac 1
500 03-144 Langley RCMP
501 03-145 Langley RCMP

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a set of police mutual aid channels allowing them interoperability when working in other jurisdictions or with other agencies such as Fire and Ambulance.


The Langley R.C.M.P. detachment is dispatched out of its headquarters - 22180 48th Avenue Langley. At any one time, there are 2 dispatchers-one monitoring primary dispatch and one information specialist, and ? dedicated call takers. Like all other British Columbia police departments, Langely R.C.M.P. make use of the PRIME CAD system for effective and efficient dispatching and management of public records.


Langley City Fire Department is the fire department serving the residents and businesses of Langely City. The hall is located on 203rd Avenue and is staffed with 3 engines, a tower, two chief's cars, a fire investigation officer's car, and the Mobile Comms unit.


Langely City Fire contracts with Surrey Fire Dispatch for communications and dispatch services. This centre, located at Surrey Fire Department Hall #1, dispatches thirty Metro Vancouver fire departments making it the largest fire dispatch centre in the metropolis.


162.465 Langley City Fire Department - Dispatch/Main Ops


The British Columbia Ambulance Service (BCAS) provides service to Langley City. Two stations are located in Langley-252 and 267 the latter whcih serves the north end. Additionally, the nearby municipalies of Surrey and Abbotsford have multiple stations that can respond within the Langely City limits if need be in addition to their primary jurdisdictions. Ambulances in Langley City are dispatched from the BC Ambulance Region 2 Communications Centre in Vancouver and operate on Channel 2, whcih is now a part of the E-Comm Wide Area Radio System (WARS). All transmissions are ProVoice digital and cannot be received on any commercial scanners available today.

Talk Groups

1808 14-020 BCAS Area 2 Broadcasts
1809 14-021 BCAS Area 2 Dispatch
1812 14-024 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 1
1813 14-025 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 2
1814 14-026 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 3
1825 14-041 BCAS Hospital Transfers 


Station 252

Station 252 is located a few blocks away from the RCMP headquarters at 22347 48 Avenue. It consists of 3 cars which operate different shifts: 252A, 252B, and 252D.

Station 267

Station 297 serves the north end of Langley and is located at 20089 92 Avenue. This station has 4 cars parked: 267A, 267A1 (an ALS unit), and two 267D units.


Langely Memorial Hospital is the sole hospital serving both the City and Township of Langley.

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