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New Westminster is one of the more smaller parts of Metro Vancouver. Bordered by Port Moody and Coquitlam to the north, Burnaby to the northwest, and Surrey to the southeast, it retains city-funded police and fire services plus utilizes the British Columbia Ambulance Service for paramedic services.


The New Westminster Police Service provies primary law enforcement and police patrol to the residents of New Westminster. In April 2017, they became the first agency to join the new NGRP, and are fully encrypted meaning no commercially available scanner can receive their transmissions. They share their talkgroups with Port Moddy Police and broadcast primarily on the Burnaby and PoCoMo sites.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups that the New West Police utilizes include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

5673 New West/Port Moody Police Broadcasts
5673 New West/Port Moody Police CH 1
5674 New West/Port Moody Police CH 2
5675 New West Police Tac 3
5676 New West Police Tac 4

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a number of mutual aid channels that allow them interoperability while working in other municipalities or with other emergency services such as Fire and Ambulance.


On June 4, 2013, New Westminster Police disbanded the communications centre at their headquarters at 555 Columbia St, and began contracting with ECOMM 911 located at 330 E Pender St in Vancouver. ECOMM is responsible for maintaining the radio network which police, fire, and health personel utilise in Metro Vancouver as well as providing dispatch services for law and fire agencies primarily in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, as well as call-taking services for the aforementioned areas and parts of the Interior.


New West Fire currently operates out of three fire halls. They conduct tests daily at 8:00 and 18:00 (8 AM and 6 PM) and each of the three halls is required to check in. Prior to a call, there is a DTMF code attached at the begining signifying which particular hall is being alerted. New West Fire joined the NGRP in September 2017, which is a fully encrypted emergency radio network.

Talk Groups

61493  New West Fire All Halls Broadcast
61477  New West Fire Disptach
61444  New West Fire Tac 2
61065  New West Fire Tac 3
61066  New West Fire Tac 4
61067  New West Fire Tac 5
61057  New West Fire Training 1
61058  New West Fire Training 2
61059  New West Fire Training 3


1 Glenbrook - 1 East 6th Avenue
2 West End - 820 13th St.
3 Queensborough - 1011 Ewen Avenue


New West Fire contracts its dispatch with ECOMM located at 3301 Pender Avenue in Vancouver.


BCAS or EHS is dispatched from two stations on Channel 1 which since October 2017 is part of E-Comms new NGRP network. They are encrypted and their transmissions cannot be received.

Talk Groups


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