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The District of North Vancouver surrounds the smaller City of North Vancouver. Both communities, and the District of West Vancouver, are part of the North Shore region of Metro Vancouver. North Vancouver has a single RCMP detachment, a fire department (DNV Fire Rescue), and health services provided by the EHS.


Law enforcement is provided by the RCMP providing coverage in both the City and the District of North Vancouver. The agency now uses the NGRP. They are fully encrypted and cannot be monitored.

Talk Groups

The Talk Groups the North Vancouver RCMP operate on included, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following:

5449 NV RCMP Dispatch 

All police departments and RCMP detachments using the radio network have access to a set of police mutual aid channel allowing for interoperability while working in other jurisdictions, or with other services like Fire and Ambulance.


The North Vancouver RCMP operate their own Operations Communications Centre out of the detachment at 147 E 14th St. North Vancouver. At any one time, there are two dispatchers (one for primary dispatch and an info specialist), and ? dedicated all takers. Like all British Columbia police departments, the North Vancouver RCMP are on the PRIME CAD system for effective dispatch and records management.


The District of North Vancouver Fire Rescue operates from five strategically located fire halls ensuring a fast response to any location. They operate on the Next Generation Radio Project since November 2017. They are fully encrypted and cannot be received.

Talk Groups

6177 North Shore Fire Dispatch
6178 North Shore Fire Tac 2
6179 North Shore Fire Tac 3
6180 North Shore Fire Training
6182 North Shore Fire Hazmat
6183 North Shore Fire Tac 4


1 - 1110 Lynn Valley Road (Engine 1, Tower 1, Rescue 1, Chief)
2 - 480 Mountain Highway (Quint 2)
3 - 550 Montroyal Boulevard (Engine 3)
4 - 3891 Mount Seymour Parkway (Engine 4, Squad 4)
5 - 1538 15th St. (Quint 5)


Dispatch for DNV Fire Rescue is currently being provided by Surrey Fire Dispatch out of their Firehall 1. Surrey Fire Dispatch handles dispatching services for thirty fire departments, twelve of which are within Metro Vancouver.


In the District of North Vancouver, BCAS operate of out of one station located at 1304 St. Andrews St. They can be covered by Vancouver if needed. They are dispatched on Channel 1, which is now part of the ECOMM NGRP. Their operations are encrypted and so they cannot be monitored.

Talk Groups

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