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Oak Bay is a municipality located in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. With a population of 20,033 and an area of 10.5 sq/km, it is one of the smallest municipalities in Greater Victoria. It is bordered by Victoria City and Saanich. Known as "The community behind the tweed curtain", it is lined with historic multi-million dollar homes and is said to the the most prestigious area in Greater Victoria. All of Oak Bay's emergency services use the CREST System



Oak Bay Police Department is dispatched by Saanich Police on their main dispatch channel. Victoria Police and Saanich Police often provide mutual-aid servicves to Oak Bay Police.

CREST Talkgroups:

16816 SPD-DP1 Saanich Police Dispatch Ch. 1
16880 SPD-TRF Saanich Police Traffic Channel (rarely used by OBPD)


Oak Bay Fire Department is located in the same compex as Oak Bay Police, however operates as a fully seperate entity. They are equipped with 2 Engines, a Ladder, a Battalion Chief and Investigations vehicles. Oak Bay Fire Department is dispatched by Saanich Fire Department on the same channel as Saanich and Esquimalt Fire Departments.

CREST Talkgroups

42128 SFD-DP1 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Ch. 1
35216 SFD-COM-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Command Ch. 2
35312 SFD-TAC-4 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 4
35536 SFD-TAC-6 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 6
784 SFD-TAC-7 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 7
35440 SFD-TRN Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 1
42160 SFD-TRN-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 2


BC Ambulance Service provides emergency health services to Oak Bay.

CREST Talkgroups

44496 BCAS-VIC BC Ambulance Dispatch- Victoria
44624 BCAS-VIC-TAC BC Ambulance Tactical- Victoria
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