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Penticton is a city in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake. Its 2006 population was 31,909 (41,574 in the greater area). The name Penticton is derived from a word in the Okanagan language, and it is roughly translated as "a place to stay forever". It is also the sister city of Ikeda, Hokkaido, Japan. <googlemap version="0.9" lat="49.513173" lon="-119.593735" type="map" zoom="9" width="250" height="225" selector="no" controls="small"> 49.513173, -119.593735, Abbotsford, BC </googlemap>


The RCMP provides policing services for the City of Pentiction, and surrounding municipalities.


  • Channel 1 - 139.500 - Dispatch. P25 ENC


Penticton is dispatched out of the regional dispatch center in Kelowna.


  • 154.430 - Penticton FD Dispatch
  • 154.070 - Penticton FD Tactical
  • 154.370 - Summerland FD Repeater
  • 153.920 - Kaleden FD
  • 154.740 - Naramata FD
  • 151.235 - Keremeos FD
  • 155.490 - OK Falls FD
  • 154.310 - Oliver FD
  • 151.205 - Osoyoos FD
  • 150.950 - Keremeos FD
  • 154.055 - Anarchist Mtn. FD
  • 457.7125 - Mt Kobau Penticton Dispatch Repeater


Hall #1

Firehall #1
250 Nanaimo Avenue West
Penticton, BC

Hall #2

Firehall #2
285 Dawson Avenue
Penticton, BC


Penticton Regional Airport is located at the south end of the city, on the northern shore of Skaha Lake.

It also houses an active Forestry Firebase, with a large contingent of air attack equipment stationed out of there during the summer months.

Penticton is one of Conair Aviation's secondary air-tanker bases. It stations two Convair tankers, Bird Dog's, and Firecats here. It is also the interior base for the Martin Mars watter bomber.


118.500 - Tower

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