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Located in the northeastern part of Metro Vancouver, in the Tri-Cities region, Port Moody is best symbolized for its fishing areas and seaside atmosphere. Port Moody's borders are Coquitlam to the east, the villages of Anmore and Belacarra to the north, and Burnaby to the west. Emergency services to the city of Port Moody are provided by two firehalls, a city police department, and of course, the British Columbia Ambulance Service.


The Port Moody Police, since April 2017, operate on the NGRP. They are fully encrypted and their transmissions cannot be received by commercially available scanners.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups used by the Port Moody Police include, but are not limited to:

5672 Port Moody/New West Police Broadcasts
5673 Port Moody/New West Police CH 1
5674 Port Moody/New West Police CH 2
5650 Port Moody Police Tac 3
5651 Port Moody Police Tac 4
5652 Port Moody Police Tac 5

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a set of police mutual aid channels allowing them interoperability while working in other jurisdictions or with other agencies such as Fire and Ambulance.


Port Moody Police are dispatched out of E-Comm located on Pender St. in Vancouver. E-Comm maintains the radio network used by emergency services in the Lower Mainland and also provides dispatch services for over 30 Lower Mainland emeergency organizations and call-taking services for the aforementioned area, and parts of the Interior.


Port Moody FIre-Rescue Services is a composite department meaning that they staff both career staff and volunteer staff. Port Moody now has only two halls. Hall 1, located at 200 Ioco Road, staffs two engines, a ladder truck, and a communications van which is now permanently out of service but was used when Port Moody Fire was self-dispatched. Hall 2 is located at 955 Glenayre Drive and has an engine, an equipment supply car, and an antique Port Moody engine which is now out of service, but was used through the late 19th century to the late 20th century. Hall 1 has a minimum of 2 volunteers while Hall 2 is strictly a volunteer hall. Port Moody Fire volunteers do not stay at the halls while on duty. Rather, they are used as auxilary staff and respond whenever their pagers are alerted. In the event of a citywide event or emergency, volunteer crew members may be issued a "stand-by call." This requires them to go directly to the appropriate hall in order to be able to respond in the event that there is a run in the area. In large fire scenarios, volunteers may be alerted and sent to the fire directly and the neighbouring municipalities may take over until there is at least one piece of apparatus available.

Talk Groups

PMFRS, since April 2017, has been using E-Comms NGRP which utilises full encryption.

61476  Port Moody Fire Dispatch
61491  Port Moody Fire All Hall Broadcasts
61443  Port Moody Fire Tac 2
61137  Port Moody Fire Tac 3
61138  Port Moody Fire Tac 4
61139  Port Moody Fire Tac 5
61145  Port Moody Fire Training 1
61146  Port Moody Fire Training 2
61147  Port Moody Fire Training 3

Simplex Frequencies

153.83 - Volunteer pagers (volunteers respond on talkgroup as assigned by dispatch).


Port Moody Fire is dispatched out of ECOMM 911 on 3301 E Pender Avenue in Vancouver.


BCAS are dispatched in Port Moody on Channel 1, which now belongs to the NGRP. They are encrypted and as such are not monitorable.

Talk Groups

Station 259

Station 259's location is 220 Ioco Road near Firehall #1. It is currently staffed by one BLS 12-hour car, one BLS day (11 hour/7day) car, and two ALS D shift cars (259D1 and 259D2).

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