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Quesnel is a small community in the Cariboo Central Interior of BC. A city of roughly 25000, Quesnel is a small logging town that is one of Canada's biggest lumber producing cities (measured in board feet).


Milburn Mountain: 139.500MHz

Downtown: 139.590MHz


Quesnel VFD 155.0700

Quesnel Link 413.6875

North Cariboo Link 417.1350

BC Fire Commissioner: 155.4600MHz

Fort George Regional Fire: 155.0700MHz, 164.7600MHz, 164.6700MHz, 165.8100MHz, 167.9850MHz, 169.8300MHz, 168.1500MHz, and link at 412.1375MHz other fire links 156.0300MHz

Fire Halls

Barlow Creek: 155.5800

Bouchie Lake 155.3700

Kersely 151.2050

Ten Mile 152.3300

West Fraser 154.2500

Quesnel Main (Hall 1, 2 and 3) 155.0700

Links for these: 412.1375MHz, 417.1350MHz, and 413.6870MHz

BC Forestry

For the best BCF Scanning information see the British Columbia Forest Service section.

Red 163.9350

Green 163.9950

Blue 164.0850

Orange 164.1450

Yellow 164.2050

Grey 164.2350

Black 164.2650

Other interesting listening

Highway Rescue 153.5600

Search and Rescue 149.4950

Forestry Yellow 164.2050

City Works 154.5700

BC Ambulance 142.1550

BC Hydro 165.2700

SD28 153.7700

BC Gas 158.7300

BC PEP 148.8550

Quesnel live scanner

The Quesnel Scanner is set up with a number of interesting frequencies in it. Because listening to the police seems to be the most popular use for most listeners the Quesnel RCMP detachment repeater has been configured as primary. Listen live here.

[P] Primary [L] Currently Locked out

1. Quesnel RCMP DT- 139.590 [P]

2. Quesnel FIRE - 155.070

16. PEP/SAR - 149.495

17. Forestry YLW Milburn - 164.205

18. Ministry of Hwys - 143.445 [L]

  • We have lost contact with the sponsor, we can just assume this is what is in there now.


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