Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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The Royal Canadian Mounted police official crest


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Also known as the R.C.M.P. or Mounties) operate in Federal, Provincial, and Local/Municipal capacities across Canada. Canada is divided into 15 organizational units known as divisions, British Columbia falls under the jurisdiction of the E division. E-Division, headquartered in Vancouver, is the largest R.C.M.P division comprised of 126 detachments and over 5,000 officers.


Within the British Columbia the R.C.M.P. uses a large number of different communication systems. In the lower mainland the detachments utilize the digital 800Mhz EDACS WARS system. In the greater Victoria and southern Vancouver island regions the digital VHF APCO25 Crest system is utilized. Most other places in the province use standard VHF based communications. In the past few years rollout of new Narrow banded VHF systems and in-car data terminals has occurred. Encryption is also now very common within systems that support it.
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