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The Municipality of Saanich is located in Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is the largest municipality in Greater Victoria with a population of 113,990 and an area of 103 sq/km. It is directly north of the City of Victoria, and is bordered by the municipalities of Esquimalt, Victoria, Oak Bay, Central Saanich, Highlands and View Royal.

All of Saanich's emergency services use the CREST System


Saanich Police are responsible for all policing services within the municipal borders of Saanich. Saanich Police often provides mutual-aid to Oak Bay Police, Central Saanich Police, Westshore RCMP, and Victoria Police.

It is a fully-comprehensive police service with its own dispatch center, which also dispatches Oak Bay Police.

CREST Talkgroups:

16816 SPD-DP1 Saanich Police Dispatch Ch. 1
16880 SPD-TRF Saanich Police Traffic Channel


Saanich Fire Department operates 3 full-time stations, with Station 1 being Headquarters with a full compliment of apparatus. Battalion 1, Engine 1, Rescue 1, Ladder 1, Tanker 1 and Marine 1.

  • Station 1- Vernon Av.
  • Station 2- Elk Lake Dr.
  • Station 3- McKenzie Av.

CREST Talkgroups

42128 SFD-DP1 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Ch. 1
35216 SFD-COM-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Command Ch. 2
35312 SFD-TAC-4 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 4
35536 SFD-TAC-6 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 6
784 SFD-TAC-7 Saanich Fire Dispatch- TAC 7
35440 SFD-TRN Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 1
42160 SFD-TRN-2 Saanich Fire Dispatch- Training Ch. 2


CREST Talkgroups

44496 BCAS-VIC BC Ambulance Dispatch- Victoria
44624 BCAS-VIC-TAC BC Ambulance Tactical- Victoria



166.5150 Totem Towing Dispatch
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