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Surrey is the largest suburban city in Metro Vancouver, and the 12th largest city in Canada with 437,685 citizens. Law enforcement is provided by the RCMP, fire by a composite fire department-Surrey Fire Department, and of course, the British Columbia Ambulance Service.


Surrey operates the largest municipal RCMP detachment in all of Metro Vancouver. The regionwide 800MHz ECOMM Wide Area Radio System is the communications system of choice. Unfortunately, all communications are in ProVoice Digital and cannot be monitored with current scanner technology. The communications may best be received on the Surrey, South Surrey, Port Coquitlam, and ocassionally Burnaby WARS sites.

Talk Groups

The talkgroups that the Surrey RCMP currently operate on include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO to the following.

464 03-100 Surrey RCMP Broadcasts
465 03-101 Surrey RCMP Dispatch North (District 1)
466 03-102 Surrey RCMP Info
467 03-103 Surrey RCMP Tac North
468 03-104 Surrey RCMP Dispatch Central (Districts 2/4)
469 03-105 Surrey RCMP
470 03-106 Surrey RCMP
471 03-107 Surrey RCMP Dispatch South (Districts 3/5)
472 03-110 Surrey RCMP
473 03-111 Surrey RCMP Tac South
474 03-112 Surrey RCMP

In addition to the aformentioned list, all police departments and R.C.M.P. detachments in the Metro Vancouver area also have access to a number of police mutual aid channels. These channels allow interoperability when working in a jurisdiction other than their home jurisdiction, or with other emergency services like Fire and Ambulance.


Both Surrey and neighbouring White Rock RCMP detachments are dispatched out of Surrey RCMP headquarters located at 14355 57 Avenue, Surrey BC V3X 1A9. This is the largest dispatch centre in Metro Vancouver with five dispatchers (3 Surrey + 1 Whiterock + 1 Info Specialist for both detachments) and ? dedicated call takers. Like all other law enforcement agencies in British Columbia, both Surrey and White Rock R.C.M.P. are on the provincewide PRIME CAD system for effective dispatching and records management.


The Surrey Fire Department operates seventeen fire halls in the City of Surrey. Surrey FD is also a composite fire department with some halls dedicated to volunteers. The volunteers however do not respond directly to emergency alerts in the neighbourhoods that they serve. Rather, they are used for auxiliary staffing when coverage is low. In the event of a major fire or citywide disaster, the mutual aid contract allows for apparatus from Delta and White Rock to park up at Surrey fire halls so that the volunteers may be called to the fire.

Talk Groups

1033 08-011 Surrey Fire Dispatch
1049 08-031 Surrey Fire TAC 2
66 00-082 Surrey Fire TAC 3 (CE1)
67 00-083 Surrey Fire TAC 4 (CE2)
1052 08-034 Surrey Fire TAC 5
1053 08-035 Surrey Fire TAC 6
1054 08-036 Surrey Fire TAC 7
1101 08-095 Surrey Fire TAC 14 (Training)

Simplex Channels

154.31 - Rebraodcast of 1033 (for volunteer pagers)



Surrey Fire Department operates a massive dispatch centre at their Firehall #1 8767 132nd St. Surrey, BC. This centre dispatches for Surrey, and twenty-nine other Metro Vancouver fire departments.


Ambulance services, like everywhere in British Columbia are covered by the British Columbia Ambulance Service with 3 stations in Surrey, B.C, and one station on the border with Delta, B.C. BCAS uses Channel 2 on the ECOMM Wide Area Radio System all of which is ProVoice.

Talk Groups

1808 14-020 BCAS Area 2 Broadcasts
1809 14-021 BCAS Area 2 Dispatch
1812 14-024 BCAS Area 2 TAC 1
1813 14-025 BCAS Area 2 TAC 2
1814 14-026 BCAS Area 2 TAC 3


Station 249 (Surrey Memorial Hospital)
Address: 13700 96 Avenue
Annual Call Volume: 23,693 (2005/6 Statistics)
249A1 (ALS)
249A2 (BLS)
249A3 (BLS)
249B1 (BLS)
Station 253 (Cloverdale)
Address: 5833 176 Street
Annual Call Volume: 5,621 (2005/6 Statistics)
253A (BLS)
253B (BLS)
253C (BLS)
253U (Transfer)
Station 254 (White Rock)
Address: 2359 156 Street
Annual Call Volume: 10,054(2005/6 Statistics)
254A1 (BLS)
254A2 (BLS)
254L (Transfer)
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