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Hugged by Surrey on all sides, White Rock is the smallest suburban municipality in Metro Vancouver. White Rock hones a regional RCMP detachment, a paid city fire department (White Rock Fire-Rescue), and utilizes the British Columbia Ambulance Service.


The White Rock detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is the primary provider of police service in White Rock. White Rock RCMP also provide patrol to the 99 freeway that runs to the US border. The ECOMM WARS system is the primary communications system of choice for the White Rock RCMP. All traffic is ProVoice Digital and cannot currently be monitored on commercially available scanners.

Talk Groups

The talk groups that the White Rock RCMP operate on include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following:

284 02-034 White Rock RCMP Dispatch
285 02-035 White Rock RCMP
286 02-036 White Rock RCMP

All police departments and RCMP detachments in Metro Vancouver also have access to a set of police mutual aid channels allowing them interoperability while working in other jurisdictions or with other services such as Fire and Ambulance.


White Rock RCMP are dispatched out of the Surrey RCMP Headquarters located at 14355 57th Avenue, Surrey BC. There is one dispatcher answers calls and handles radio traffic exclusively for White Rock. At the same centre, there are four Surrey dispatchers operating the three sections and an information specialist. It should be noted that both Surrey and White Rock RCMP are handled by the same information specialist.


Talk Groups

Main Article: Surrey


White Rock Fire-Rescue are dispatched out of Surrey Firehall #1. This is a regional fire dispatch centre that handles thirty Metro Vancouver fire departments.


In White Rock, BCAS is dispatched on Channel 2 of the ECOMM WARS system. All communications are in ProVoice Digital and cannot currently be monitored on a commercially available scanner. White Rock has only one station but Delta, Surrey, and Langley have multiple stations that can cover it if need be.

Talk Groups

1808 14-020 BCAS Area 2 Broadcasts
1809 14-021 BCAS Area 2 Dispatch
1812 14-024 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 1
1813 14-025 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 2
1814 14-026 BCAS Area 2 Tactical 3
1825 14-041 BCAS Hospital Transfers
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